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Having a Website Could Kill Your Business

My name is Jasper Dayton, I take business owners from stuck and burned out to easily attracting plenty of clients they love and making plenty of money.

And one thing that I notice keeps business owners stuck and even kills their business sometimes is having a website.

A website is a great place to send people who you’ve connected with but it’s kind of like a brochure you hand someone you’ve already connected with.

What a website can’t do is sell for you—connect with the clients and motivate them to work with you.

So expecting your website to generate leads for you is like putting up a booth at a trade show for people to drop their card in, walking away, coming back at the end of the day and expecting to have a ton of business.

The missing ingredient is you. What makes someone want to work with you is not learning about your business, it’s connecting with you and seeing that you understand them and feeling that magical chemistry that makes them feel like, “Oh you can help me”. No way a website or any kind of social media can do that.

So why do business owners get so wrapped up in creating and having a website? It really comes down to the fear of putting yourself out there and connecting. Maybe you’re afraid of hearing the word no, maybe you’re afraid you’re not good enough, the important thing to know is that everybody has those fears especially new entrepreneurs and no technology is going to solve your need to get through them.

The way to get through them is to actually put yourself out there and connect.

The moment a client of mine, that is a personal organizer, started speaking to people, website had nothing to do with it, and believed in what she was doing, was the day she stopped waiting for people to go to her website and subscribe to her email list, was the day that she made 3 sales for her high-ticket offers.

So I’d like to invite you to do something that’s going to move your business forward. Think of one thing you’re not doing because either you’re waiting for your website or social media to do it for you, or you are putting it off. What is that one thing you know you should be doing that you’re not doing?

Hopping on the phone, scheduling a talk, talking to someone, think of that one thing and go do it, do it today, and by the way I’d love to hear about it, tell me how it went.

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