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As you prepare for this LIVE workshop you understand that it’s time you simplify creating connections by getting clear on what to say that actually matters to the other person, are natural conversation starters, and will quickly connect you with new clients.

You’re an entrepreneur of a successful business.

One thing I hear from a lot of entrepreneurs is that they want new clients, but they don’t want to have to talk to new people.
They try all kinds of online approaches, products, apps, automationsbasically any shiny new object that’ll save them from the struggle of talking with people they don’t know yet.
Time for some tough love… there’s no automation or trick that will get you off the hook from talking with new people as an entrepreneur. You might get noticed online, and some people might be drawn to you, but eventually to turn those people into clients, you’re going to have to talk with most of them.
I know you’re busy, so let’s just cut to the chase. I’m giving you a shortcut to:
  • Be comfortable with creating authentic connections with new people.
  • Become a great connector by becoming a great listener with
    just a few awesome questions.
  • Ask the questions people love to answer that feel natural
    to answer to just about anyone.

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