Attracting the 5 Senses

By Jasper Dayton   •  

Think of your brand in terms of what your customer gains when it is viewed by each of his or her five senses-tasting, touching, hearing, smelling, and seeing. In a nutshell your brand is the result of everything your prospect’s senses can pick up on about you.

It’s How They See You

It’s the image you present at all times. From the company’s logo and color scheme all the way to the manner in which your employees dress. Think of what your colors portray.  Are they giving the message you want to give?

It’s What They Hear About You

It’s what your prospects hear from and about you. From what they hear about you in the media to how your customer service team handles incoming complaints. Are former customers likely to speak kindly about you?  Are you and your employees pleasant when you speak

It’s What They Feel About You

It’s the feeling your prospect gets in all their dealings with you. From their satisfied or unsatisfied interaction with you to the relationship building activities you carry out. Do customers and prospective customers feel they can trust you?  Do they feel your honesty?

It’s How You Smell

It’s the pleasant or unpleasant scents that get associated with you covering everywhere from the scent of your product or facility, to even your employees. Do customers get a scent of cleanliness?

It’s How You Taste

And lastly it’s also the tastes that get associated with you. From the taste of your product (if it’s a product meant to be tasted) to the quality of coffee or tea you serve.

Understand Your Brand’s Sensory Package

Your brand encompasses everything about you. Hence you can see why it’s important to always put your best foot forward. Bottom line, branding is essential to establishing your identity in the marketplace and consistency is the key to effectivly accomplishing that. Take time to examine with your senses what message you are giving your customers. At BrandWorx Productions we call it yourBrand’s Sensory Package. From the moment they see your logo on the side of a truck, to when they call to set up an appointment to when they first walk in the door of your business. Understanding your client’s experience when doing business with you will help you attract your most profitable clients with their 5 senses.

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About the Author:

Jasper Dayton is the creative force behind BrandWorx Productions. A uniquely talented brand builder, Dayton specializes in logo design and corporate identity packages. Since 1999, this Madison native has assisted ad agencies, television stations, and marketing departments with graphics and animation. She particularly enjoys helping new companies get their first public image formed, that critical image that can make or break a new venture. She works with companies as diverse as the University of Wisconsin to one-person start-ups. Dayton believes that no matter what size a company is, consistent application of a corporate identity is absolutely critical for success. “Anything less than consistency spells confusion,” says Dayton. “All else being equal, a company with a strong, well-applied graphic identity will beat less well-identified competitors every time.” Her creative skills and inspiration are why BrandWorx Productions builds brands that work harder than you do.